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Even though we have way too much to do to be going out to Sunday brunch and walking around the Haight all afternoon, we snuck up to Suppenk├╝che on Sunday with Willow, Lex, and his lovely girlfriend, A, for some fun.

Sophie *finally* got ahold of me via facetime.  She's having a great trip, of course.  Now that she's in Sweden and has wireless access, we should hear from her pretty much every day.  London was incredible  (she says, in between telling me about all the cute boys that are there to play soccer).  

Ok. Back to work with me. 
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I've woken up at 3:30 a.m. (give or take a few minutes) the last three mornings in a row.  Wednesday: up at 3:30 to take Sophie to her friend's house by 4 to catch the shuttle to the airport where they got on a plane to fly to London with her club soccer team to play in the Gothia Cup next week.  Thursday: 3:52 a.m. text from her friend's mom, letting me know they'd landed and Sophie had a great time talking to a couple of guys on the flight. (Of course she did.)  Today:  phone rings at 3:26 a.m. - Lex is locked out of the house, and his girlfriend's mom has just dropped him off.  

He doesn't have a house key at the moment because Scuba and I bought a NEW HOUSE and we're the only ones with keys so far.  We have spent the past month or so packing and cleaning and driving to Home Depot and GoodWill, unpacking, more cleaning, more GoodWill.  A zillion trips to Ikea.  There was even a little garage sale action.  Scuba made several runs to the dump, which I think cost just about as much as we made at our garage sale, but at least we got rid of what we needed to. 

We're tired, but super happy.  Our house is perfect for us. 
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