'RoidWeek 2012

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instant from the high line. nyc. 8.2.12
It's Polaroid Week, and even though I'm still very much getting the hang of instant photography, I thought I'd play along on the home game.  You'll find *gorgeous* images in the Flickr pool.  Here are some of my favorites so far, but I keep seeing more I love.    

I took the one above on a steamy hot day in Manhattan, when Jenny and I went to check out The High Line, which you DO NOT want to do on a steamy hot day.   

Weekend before last I spent Saturday in Manhattan, flew home early Sunday morning, and then spent Sunday afternoon in San Francisco with Scuba. 


Last Saturday, we took the girls to Monterey, and I went for a short swim with Scuba while the girls played in the surf.  Then he went to dive, and I sat on the rocks, watching them make sand angels and imprints of their bottoms in the sand.  

On Sunday, we went to Costco and bought GROCERIES, like more than I spent on my first car's worth of groceries.  

Life is good.  

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