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nate sparklejet

Valentines.  SparkleJet.  What else can a girl ask for, really?

Sophie and Nate both have high fevers, so I worked from home today while they camped on the couch with blankets, waters, thermometers, and the top ramen and popsicles I got for them at lunchtime.  I was a little jealous because it looked like a nice time there, watching Ponyo and only eating fudgesicles and strawberry popsicles in your underwear all day long.  Maybe I will try that myself on Saturday.  Maybe I will make strawberry-gin popsicles, though, or lime-tequila.  Oh, definitely chocolate-bourbon.  Dude.  I totally feel a fever coming on. 

out the window with the iPhone on the way to get fudgesicles

These trees over by Scuba's house are blooming.  I find it's really helpful to see gorgeous, flowery trees and picture-perfect blue skies on the same day my rent is due.  Thank you northern California weather for making me feel better about the crazy rent I pay to live in your area of influence.

willow homework.jpg
she's doing her homework, but don't let that fool you

I was getting into the shower after yoga last night, and Willow was in my bathroom because no one else was home and she didn't want to be alone in the house.  Also, she wanted to sit in front of the heat vent on the wall in my bathroom because she was freezing.  I showed her my c-section scar, and said, Look.  Have I ever showed you this?  It's the scar from when you were born.  That's where they cut me open to get you out.

, she said, Really? 

Yep, I said.

All excited with her eyes wide, she says, Well.  Mom.  You don't hafta worry!  It doesn't show AT ALL with that fat hanging down over it.  It covers it right up.

I know!  Isn't it awesome?
  Here I give Willow a high-five and get into the shower.

Hey, so.  Mom.  So, I wasn't calling you fat.  Let's just call that "extra skin" instead.  Okay?

Works for me.

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