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I interviewed Alex for the LG program (posts here and here) and I thought the video came out pretty good (dark, but good) so here it is.  If you go comment over on the original post, BlogHer and LG will donate $1 for EACH comment to  Thanks!
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I was nearly a gonner with that whole plumbing fiasco a few weeks ago, but Scuba saved me from the crumbly gross pipes AND took me out to dinner.  And that's only one reason why I love him.

So I'm working on making a video post with Lex for LG.  If you'd be so kind as to click that link and leave a question for me to ask him, I'd be much obliged.  Plus - each comment results in a $1 donation to, which is pretty cool and a good way to get Karma points this holiday season.

Thanks and I'll be back when I am a little less sick.  xo
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