Making a dent in my crayon box


I took a desperately-needed twenty minute break from work today to take photos for the red and white crayons.  (If you are all, Huh?  Read this.) 

I'm at home because 3 out of 5 of us are sick.  And we recommend sugarless gum for our patients who chew gum.  Really, though, twenty minutes from picking up my camera to sending to flickr.  That and a glass of cold peppermint tea, and I'm not quite so crabby anymore. 


And I just took a short break and was rewarded by your lovely photo montage! When I get my new laptop, you have to help me set it up so I can do that! Take photos and download and snazz them up, etc. Hope everyone is feeling better!

I love this slide show. You are a very good photographer!

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