Procrastination consequence

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melted pumpkin 2009.jpg
You can't really tell just how gross and sunken it is with the cell phone photo, but in person, you would have said, "Ewwwwwwwwwww."

Today I shoveled up rotten, liquid, fuzzy, moldy, melted pumpkin off the front porch and put it in a nearly-full trash bag that I'd just pulled from the kitchen garbage and then I tied the bag closed and you KNOW what happened as I hoisted it up to swing it into the outside trash container, right?


It broke open and the pukey pumpkin remains fell out, along with some coffee sludge from the French press, some old wagon wheel pasta leftovers, sausage grease that I'd wiped out of a pan with a paper towel, and Halloween candy wrappers.

So that was fun to clean up.   It will be awhile before I eat any pumpkin pie.

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